Suggested Discussion Topics for LeadUP Sessions

The following are suggested discussion topics for you and your mentor. Additional topics and questions will be provided by program facilitators, the LeadUP Coordinator, or identified in your participant content guides throughout the program.

Session 1 – Authentic Leadership

  • Discuss your 360˚ assessment and how the results affect your performance.
  • Talk about being an authentic leader and what that looks like in the workplace.
  • Discuss your individual leadership plan and what steps you will take to meet your goals.
  • Ask your mentor how he/she builds and sustain trusting relationships.
  • Ask your mentor about leaders who have had a significant impact in their career and why.
  • Discuss strategies for managing urgent vs. important tasks.
  • Talk about how to stay centered as a leader when dealing with change and challenges.

Session 2 – Organizational Change and Transformation

  • Ask what approaches or strategies your mentor takes toward leading organizational change or transformation efforts.
  • Ask how your mentor views change and his/her strategies for leading change.
  • Talk about the importance of connecting with community and discuss some successful ways of building relationships with your internal and external stakeholders.
  • Possibly shadow your mentor or attend a meeting with your mentor.

Session 3 – Creating a Customer-Centered Culture

  • Discuss how your mentor fosters an environment that supports positive organizational culture.
  • Ask your mentor how he/she aligns processes with customer expectations to maintain a high level of service excellence.
  • Discuss ideas to encourage employee engagement and a commitment to quality standards.

Session 4 – Building and Sustaining Resonant Teams

  • Ask what approaches your mentor takes toward leading teams.
  • Talk about how to resolve conflict or how to build trust within a team.
  • Discuss how to keep team members excited and focused on long-term initiatives.
  • Discuss a current situation or project where leadership will improve team performance.

Session 5 – Coaching Skills for Leaders

  • Ask your mentor how he/she inspire others.
  • Talk about approaches to holding others accountable for their commitments.
  • Discuss when and how to use different strategies for measuring performance.
  • Ask your mentor how they build leadership capacity in their circle of influence.
  • Talk about the role of continuous learning as it relates to leadership development.
  • Discuss current coaching efforts and ways to improve coaching skills.