Mentoring for Ideas Presentation

Promoting an idea and achieving buy-in and commitment can be difficult for even the most influential person. Some people need to be challenged to ensure that the business case is indeed sound, and to be supported as the proposal is structured. As a mentor, you can play a valuable part in providing this challenge and support to your mentee when he/she has new ideas for the required change initiative project or leadership related projects.

The Idea

  1. What is the key concept of the idea – the most important thing I have to get across?
  2. What are the benefits of the idea?
  3. What are the consequences of not adopting the idea?

The Audience

  1. What is the audience make-up?
  2. What do the members of the audience currently think or believe?
  3. What questions will they have about the idea? What will be their burning questions?
  4. What objections might they have to the idea?

The Pitch

  1. Opening statement: How to engage the audience and describe the idea clearly.
  2. Main approach: What and how?
  3. Close: How to make it compelling.