LeadUP 2015

ESCI 360° Assessment

December 22, 2014 – January 13, 2015

  • Complete the ESCI 360° Assessment.
  • Discuss your ESCI 360° Assessment report with a mentor or coach.

Session One: Authentic Leadership

January 13-15, 2015

  • ‘Dig deeper’ than in a traditional corporate leadership training program.
  • Discover your true source of power as a leader – your authentic presence – and practical ways to deepen that presence in order to amplify your impact as a leader.
  • Be inspired.
  • Leave with practical ways to attend to your well being as a leader.

Session Two: Organizational Change and Transformation

March 31-April 2, 2015

  • Deal with emotions effectively during times of change.
  • Promote personal motivation.
  • Develop change leadership presence.
  • Apply change leadership practices.
  • Utilize the impact of system and culture on the success of change.

Session Three: Building a Customer-Centered Culture

June 9-11, 2015

  • Examine current relationships between employee engagement and customer service.
  • Discover best practices that build a customer-centered culture through business practices, employee engagement and customer service systems.

Session Four: Building & Sustaining High Performing Teams

August 11-13, 2015

  • Examine the essential components of effective team performance and characteristics of high performing teams.
  • Learn how to recognize cultural and socio-psychological implications of group behavior and how to apply this knowledge in building and sustaining EI and high performing teams.
  • Apply communication skills and Emotional Intelligence to promote engagement, commitment, service quality and change readiness.

Session Five: Coaching & Developing Skills for Leaders

October 13-15, 2015

  • Enhance authentic leadership abilities and skills to coach and support performance and leadership development.
  • Enhance leadership capability to monitor and influence organizational climate.
  • Reinforce the role of promoting collective engagement, performance and service quality with a leaders span of influence.