LeadUP Overview

a person is paragliding in the skyThe LeadUP program is a part of the Enterprise Learning project, which was initiated to develop an agency-wide training and development framework to reach employees, managers and executives across divisions.

Decentralization of training coordination and development in past years has resulted in redundancy of effort and inconsistency of message for many learning topics that impact all agency employees. The development of an agency-wide training and development framework will result in improved cost effectiveness and continuity of learning outcomes as it relates to employee performance metrics.

The goal of the LeadUP program is to enhance leadership competencies, increase emotional and social intelligence, and to foster a culture supported by a shared leadership vision. The organizational impact includes:

  • Senior leaders are able to articulate a vision and model for leadership that can be replicated throughout the organization.
  • Senior leaders can effectively create and sustain organizational culture change through enhanced competencies based on emotional intelligence.
  • Organizational leaders will share a consistent system-wide language of leadership.
  • Authentic leaders will model and influence emotional intelligence to other managers in the organization.

The program consists of ESCI 360° Assessment, five sessions of blended learning, and individual projects with mentoring opportunity.

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