Change Requires Preservation

When we moved to Cochrane, Alberta to raise our children in 1991, there were no stop-lights in this small foothills community. Today, there are more than fifteen and it takes about five times longer to cover the same distance through town. You no longer buy fly rods at the fly shop. You buy them at […]

Facilitator for Organizational Change and Transformation

Nathan Mellor International Speaker, Author, and Mentor We are very pleased to have Dr. Nathan Mellor as our facilitator for session two. Dr. Nathan Mellor is the CEO of the C3 Brands family of companies including: Mosaic Personnel, Qubit Creative and Strata Leadership. He is also the president of Strata Leadership. The Strata Leadership team […]

Change Management vs. Change Leadership

What is the difference between change management and change leadership? Some people say it’s just a matter of semantics and the two terms are interchangeable, while some others believe the distinction between the two is significant. The video below from Kotter International, an industry leader in management consulting and organizational development, discusses the difference between change […]

Get Prepared for Session Two

It has been almost six weeks since we met last time in Session One on Authentic Leadership. We look forward to seeing you in Session Two (Organizational Change and Transformation) which will start on April 5th. Are you ready for it? In preparation, you will want to complete three assignments that will greatly enrich your […]

Facilitator for Organizational Change and Transformation

We are very pleased to have Dr. Nathan Mellor as our facilitator for session two. Dr. Mellor serves as CEO of Strata Leadership and Principal Technologies, Inc., based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  Nathan holds the Bachelor of Arts and the Master of Science in Education degrees from Harding University where he was named Student Association […]

Quality Service:  The DHS Way

Many of your change initiatives involve recruitment and retention, employee engagement, or other efforts where culture will be impacted.  During session two, we learned that some of you were very aware of the agency’s quality service initiative, while others were less aware of this initiative and the rollout plans. Important components of the quality service […]

Perceptions towards Change

On day one of our session two, we had an insightful discussion around what change means to us. Each group wrote a sentence about change. Below are all the statements we wrote in the room. Though the last one received the most votes, every statement is filled with wisdom and valuable insights. Change is the […]