Congratulations to the LeadUP Class of 2016

On October 13th, DHS recognized the 23 graduates of this year’s LeadUP Program!

Class of 2016 group photo

The graduation ceremony, officiated Ryan Bates, including a welcome address by Sheree Powell, Communications and Community Relations Director and commencement address by Davis Ligon, Finance and Administration Director. Class Speakers were Kerry Wilson and Shawn Davis. Graduates were honored and LeadUP mentors were recognized during the ceremony.

The purpose of this program for the Department of Human Services is to grow our agency’s leaders by developing individual leadership attributes and capabilities that will further advance the mission and strategic goals of DHS. The LeadUP program provides an opportunity to gain and share knowledge, expertise, and leadership skills within the agency’s community through a comprehensive training program and networking designed to develop individual leadership capacities.

Program graduates completed a series of five (5) intensive face-to-face program sessions over a 10-month period. In addition, graduates completed a special change initiative project that directly contributes to the mission and strategic goals of the agency.

DHS Congratulates the following graduates of LeadUP 2016:

  • Rena Bigby, Human Resource Management
  • Betsy Boyd, Child Welfare Services
  • Stacey Chadwell, Adult and Family Services
  • Joan Clay, Adult and Family Services
  • Laura Cope, Development Disabilities Services
  • T. Shawn Davis, Child Support Services
  • Lu Ann Faulkner-Schneider, Child Care Services
  • Andea Giezentanner, Child Support Services
  • Holli Hagan-Rice, Child Support Services
  • Carlene Harpe, Child Welfare Services
  • Tracey Humphrey, Child Welfare Services
  • Djuana King, Adult Protective Services
  • Kimbery Manning, Adult and Family Services
  • J. David Odle, Adult Protective Services
  • Tom Pennington, Financial Services
  • Zachary Root, Aging Services
  • Gay Smith, Child Welfare Services
  • Rebecca Snellen, Aging Services
  • Jennifer Towell, Child Care Services
  • Alicia VanBuskirk, Child Welfare Services
  • Kristal Walton, Adult and Family Services
  • Jerome White, Adult and Family Services
  • Kerry Wilson, Adult Protective Services

For information about the LeadUP 2017 program, please contact Ryan Bates in Human Resource Management or refer to the LeadUP website.