Get Prepared for Session Five (Pre-class assignments)

Over the past nine months, you have studied and examined authentic leadership presence, organizational change and culture, and relational effectiveness and organizational excellence.  In Session Five, we will build coaching skills which not only contribute to relational and organizational effectiveness, but create change and transformation at a personal level.  As with all sessions, your leadership presence is a defining factor.

To prepare you for the learning experience, please complete the three pre-class assignments.


Pre-Class Assignment #1

Evaluating Your Leadership Development Needs


Reflect on the results from your ESCI 360 Feedback Assessment (LeadUP Session One) to answer the following questions. This information will help you as we practice coaching with peers during Session Five.

  1. What surprised you about your ESCI 360 assessment results? Why?
  2. If you were able to change one score on your ESCI 360, what would it be? Why?
  3. What identified area(s) have you targeted for your personal growth? What have you done?  How successful have you been in changing your awareness and behavior?
  4. What has been the value of the ESCI 360 to you?
  5. If your 360 were administered again today, what scores do you think would change the most? Why?

Pre-Class Assignment #2

The Leadership Wheel


Please print and complete by hand. The twelve sections in the Leadership Wheel represent several different aspects of your Leadership life. In addition to the pre-labeled sections, there is a blank section to enter additional information that may be related to your leadership role. Then, seeing the smallest inner circle of the wheel as 1 (least satisfied) and the outer edge as 10 (most satisfied), rank your level of satisfaction by drawing a straight or arced line to create a new outer edge in each section or wedge. The new perimeter represents the wheel of your leadership life.  This perspective may provide areas of focus for goal setting and coaching conversations.

leadership wheel

Adapted for DHS from The Coaches Training Institute

Pre-Class Assignment #3

Leadership Development Questions


  1. Based on insights gained from your ESCI 360 assessment and Leadership Wheel, how would you describe your primary strength(s) as a leader?
  2. In Session One, the leadership development approach suggested that strengthening one’s strengths and delegating one’s weakness(es) has a better return-on-investment than simply trying to strengthen one’s weaknesses.  Based on this premise, what personal weakness(es) could you possibly delegate?  What resources are available to help you delegate this to skill to someone who is strong in this area?
  3. In your leadership development, what area of strength are you committed to strengthen?
  4. Move ahead in time 10 years and reflect on your life.  Since LeadUP, what major changes (accomplishments) have you made in the area of leadership development?
  5. In order to practice being coached in this last session, please select one area you would like to work on (consider your ESCI 360 and Leadership Wheel results) and write it in terms of a goal.   What specific progress would you like to make in this area by the end of our three days together?
  6. To achieve the above goal, what should your focus be for the next year?