Change Initiative Final Report and Presentation Guidelines

The Change Initiative is the culmination of the learning experience in the DHS LeadUP Program. This self-directed initiative provides participants with real-time learning in which they can transfer new leadership knowledge and skills to their actual work environment.


  • Provide participant leaders with an opportunity to apply the conceptual knowledge and practical skills acquired in LeadUP to a specific problem or issue of relevance in the human services field.
  • Allow participant leaders to extend their academic experiences into new areas of interest, working with new ideas, individuals, and organizations.
  • Encourage participant leaders to apply new skills to a specific challenge and reflect on the results with their peer learners. This encourages the leaders to think differently about their typical approach to issues.  The leaders must not only be able to challenge typical responses and apply the new skills, but practice critical thinking and self-direct learning to manage issues.

Component Requirements

The change initiative experience will consist of both a final written report and a class presentation.  The specific requirements of each component are outlined below.

Change Initiative Final Report:

(Maximum 3 pages, not including cover page and any appendices needed to support the narrative.)

Your final report shall contain the elements listed below.  An electronic copy of your report shall be submitted via e-mail to James Bond at by Tuesday, October 11, 2016.

  1. Cover Page:
    1. Participant name, job title, program/office and work location
    2. Title of change initiative
    3. Date of submission
  2. Summary Statement: A brief overview of the purpose of the change initiative and the problem/need the initiative addresses.
  3. Objectives: A numbered or bulleted list of change initiative objectives or goals.
  4. Method/Approach: Description of the methods or approaches used in supporting the initiative, to include other stakeholders involved in this process.  Items may include statistical or best practices research, surveys, focus groups, etc.
  5. Results/Outcomes: Detailed discussion of the results or conclusions as supported by the evidence gathered.  Attention should be given to both positive and negative conclusions.
  6. Leadership Lessons: Provide specific example(s) of any learning concepts and practical skills you applied to your change initiative and the related impact on your change initiative.  Also discuss what you will do differently as a leader in the future as a result of this change initiative. (Note:  Your response to this question should be an appendix item and is not included in the 3-page maximum.)

Co-Leadership Change Initiatives

For those who are co-leading a change initiative, please continue to collaborate in producing one final report from the team.  However, please note one exception related to the applied learning component (Leadership Lessons) listed in this guidelines document.  Since each individual applied leadership learning concepts and skills based on their unique role in the change initiative, each change leader on your team shall provide a personal narrative on this element for both the written report and oral presentation.  For the written report, these narrative responses can be included in the appendix section of your report and is not included in the 3-page summary of your project.

Change Initiative Presentation:

The change initiative presentation will be an oral representation of your written report.  You may choose to support your presentation with PowerPoint, Internet, web, or other media.  Audiovisual equipment for PowerPoint presentations will be available on site, but please contact James Bond by e-mail at for any other audio-visual or support needs.

You will have 5 minutes for your presentation, followed by 2 minutes for questions and comments.  For those who are collaborating on your change initiative, you may present as a team or designate one or more speakers from within your team.  Remember, your presentation must provide the same elements as the final report, so you will need to be concise and focus on the most important aspects of your change initiative to stay within the allowed time.

The final class presentation will be made at the beginning of LeadUP – Session 5 on the morning of October 11, 2016.  No printed handouts are required for the presentation.

Remember, final reports are also due by Tuesday, October 11th.  If your or your team wishes to bring the electronic file on flash drive, LeadUP staff will gladly copy the file for archive purposes.

Any questions regarding the Change Initiative requirements may be directed to James Bond at (405) 325-6303 or by e-mail at