Authentic Leadership

David Irvine
Wednesday-Friday, February 23-25, 2016 (3-day session)
Registration: 8:00 am – 8:30 am daily
Session Times: 8:30 am – 4:30 pm daily

David Irvine, International Speaker, Author, and Mentor

David Irvine is sought after internationally as a speaker, author, and mentor. His work has contributed to the building of accountable, vital and engaged organizations across North America. David Irvine is the President of Irvine & Associates Inc., an international speaking and consulting firm dedicated to building authentic, accountable organizational cultures that unleash greatness.

David has advanced degrees in human development, science and social work. With more than thirty years of experience as an entrepreneur, workshop facilitator, psychotherapist, professional speaker and advisor to executives, David has developed a unique, personal and practical approach to transforming leaders. Every year, thousands of people attend David’s inspiring and thought-provoking programs on authentic leading and living, culture alignment, and accountability.

David will explore authentic leadership concepts as well as the methods and tools to learn the authentic way. He will discuss how to amplify your impact on others, how to lead through your personal presence, and how to transform your organization. In this presentation, David will challenge conventional assumptions of leadership and offer some innovative, useable solutions to the deep-rooted personal problems leaders face – inside and outside the workplace.

He connects and interacts; he listens before he talks. David clarifies complex issues and offers pragmatic solutions. He brings an authentic experience that will renew and rekindle the vitality of your organization, your work, and yourself.

David is the best-selling author of four books: The Authentic Leader, Becoming Real, Simple Living in a Complex World, and Accountability. He has over twenty-five years of experience as a family therapist, workshop facilitator, professional speaker, and executive coach. David has co-founded the Newport Institute for Authentic Living, whose focus is to build authentic organizational cultures that attract and retain great people.

Location: Moore-Norman Technology Center – South Penn Campus
13301 S. Pennsylvania Ave.
Oklahoma City, OK 73070

For more information, please contact:
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Authentic Leadership

It’s About PRESENCE, Not Position

“We shall not cease from exploration
And the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time” ~T.S. Eliot


Tuesday, February 23rd Wednesday, February 24th Thursday, February 25th
Morning Session Welcome

Course Introductions, Overview, and Objectives

Program Overview

Introductions to each other


  • What Is Leadership?
  • What Does It Mean to Be A Leader?
  • Life Map
  • The Boss/Leader Continuum
Reflections of Day 1

What is Your Leadership Legacy?

The Integrated Leader

CHARACTER: Earning Trust by Being a Trustworthy Person

Building Trust: A Context for Character

Three Facets of Trust

Three Components of Character:

  • Relational Integrity
  • Moral Integrity
  • Composure
Reflections of Day 2

CALLING: Where the World’s Need Meets the Soul’s Desire

Three Components to Calling

Discovering Your Ikigai (“a reason for being”)

  • That which you’re good at
  • That which you love
  • That which the world needs

Authentic Alignment: A Key for Engaging Your Employees


  • Authenticity Assessment
  • The Authentic Journey
  • The Two Tasks of Authentic Presence
  • The Five Facets Of Authenticity
  • (Overview)

CLARITY: Living In Alignment With Your Values

Start at the End

Review of the Day

Connect-Ability: Investing in the Trust Account

Working with Your Shadow

CENTERING: Knowing Your Worth away from Your Work

Eight Guideposts to Centering

Review the Day

COMMUNITY: Connecting with People Who Support You and Who Help Hold You Accountable

The Community Pot


Reflections on the course

Goals For the Year

Personal Promise-Making

Accountability Agreement

Next Steps