Gemba Walk References

During discussions about your change initiatives in Session 3, the participants mentioned the Gemba walk process. Thanks to Beth Scrutchins, we are able to provide more information on these resources.Gemba Walk Reference Card

Gemba means “the real place,” and is simply where the action is. A Gemba walk represents the action of visibly observing and learning more about actual work processes where they happen. It’s similar to the management philosophy of “management by walking around” and is a fundamental part of the Lean management philosophy for quality improvement. Noted business leaders such as Steve Jobs (former Chairman of Apple Inc.) and William Olsten (former Chairman of Olsten Corporation) were strong proponents of this leadership practice and found it to be a valuable way to both engage with their employees and to provide customer service on a personal basis.

The Gemba walk provides leaders and managers an easy way of engaging with employees and supporting continuous improvement initiatives. How might this process be used in support of your LeadUP change initiatives?

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Gemba Walk Reference Card
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