Change Initiative Abstracts

The change initiative is an important LeadUP action-based learning component that allows participants to put leadership and learning into action. This learning component will help accomplish the following goals: Immediate transfer of leadership skills to the work environment, thereby improving the leadership practices of the individual leader and of DHS as a whole. Provide cross-divisional […]

Gemba Walk References

During discussions about your change initiatives in Session 3, the participants mentioned the Gemba walk process. Thanks to Beth Scrutchins, we are able to provide more information on these resources. Gemba means “the real place,” and is simply where the action is. A Gemba walk represents the action of visibly observing and learning more about […]

Facilitator for Building a Customer-Centered Culture

We are very pleased to have Ginger Thompson as our facilitator for session three. Ginger Thompson is a management and organizational development consultant specializing in strategies to improve performance. Her firm, Performance Solutions, Inc., works in partnership with organizational members to identify issues, to generate and implement viable solutions, and to monitor the success of […]