Get Prepared for Session Three

After Session Two, you have been progressing on your change initiative and learning lessons along the way. In Session Three, we will integrate your progress as we learn to create a customer-centered culture. All our efforts should lead back to the customer experience. With the relationships between business practices, employee satisfaction, and customer satisfaction, we […]

Culture Shift

Does your Change Initiative Require a Culture Shift? When does a new result require a significant culture shift? Difficulty Desired results will take more effort to achieve than past results. Direction Desired results signal a significant change in direction for the organization. Deployment Desired results require a large-scale deployment or redeployment of people or other […]

Leadership Vision Statement

by Chris Lambert Our mentors are crucial to the transformation taking place in those of us participating in LeadUP. We gain knowledge during the sessions, but they help us apply what we’ve learned. I gave much consideration to choosing my mentor. In the end, it became rather obvious and simple. Few in state government have […]