Perceptions towards Change

On day one of our session two, we had an insightful discussion around what change means to us. Each group wrote a sentence about change. Below are all the statements we wrote in the room. Though the last one received the most votes, every statement is filled with wisdom and valuable insights.

Change is the shared planning of turning frustration to satisfaction.

Change is an exciting, chaotic, frightening and energizing see-saw requiring a balance of knowing yourself and others.

History has proven that human nature will not change and as with our work, change is inevitable and constant, but we can create an environment that learns from the positive and negative aspects of change.

Change can come from an event that we experience together and support each other through, but acceptance of change is arrived at individually and at individual speeds; the leader’s role is to provide transparency and guidance throughout the change process.

Empowering, equipping, and encouraging people to value themselves, value others, and value the impact they have in order to achieve the desired change.

Change is difficult; it becomes manageable when you can align it with your personal values and our agency mission.