Change Management vs. Change Leadership

What is the difference between change management and change leadership?

Some people say it’s just a matter of semantics and the two terms are interchangeable, while some others believe the distinction between the two is significant. In the video below, John Kotter, an expert in organizational change, discusses the difference between the two.

Highlights in John’s talk:

The world basically uses change management, which is a set of processes and a set of tools and a set of mechanisms that are designed to make sure that when you do try to make some changes, it doesn’t get out of control.

Change leadership is just fundamentally different—it’s an engine. It’s more about urgency. It’s more about masses of people who want to make something happen. It’s more about big visions. It’s more about empowering lots and lots of people. Change leadership has the potential to get things a little bit out of control. You don’t have the same degree of making sure that everything happens in a way you want at a time you want when you have the 1,000 horsepower engine. What you want to do, of course, is have a highly skilled driver and a heck of a car, which will make sure your risks are minimum. But it is fundamentally different from change management.

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Video link: Difference between Change Management and Change Leadership