Feedback to Change Initiative Proposals

Those of you who have submitted your proposals should have received some feedback to your change initiative proposal. We are inspired by your change initiatives and visions, but would also like to share some additional perspectives about change and change leadership. What is change? We often think of change in different ways and this is […]

Get Prepared for Session Two

It has been almost three months since we met last time in Session One Authentic Leadership. We look forward to seeing you in Session Two (Organizational Change and Transformation) which will start on March 31. Are you ready for it? In preparation, you will want to complete three assignments that will greatly enrich your learning […]

Recommended Books for Session Two

Below is a list of books we will use as references for Session Two (Organizational Change and Transformation). The first two books are highly relevant to the session content. You may decide whether to buy some of the books based on your needs after you discuss with your peers and the facilitator during session two. Joseph […]

Change Management vs. Change Leadership

What is the difference between change management and change leadership? Some people say it’s just a matter of semantics and the two terms are interchangeable, while some others believe the distinction between the two is significant. In the video below, John Kotter, an expert in organizational change, discusses the difference between the two. Highlights in John’s talk: […]

Being Authentic and Trustworthy

The insightful notes below were shared by Kevin Sharp after he read David Irvine’s book The Authentic Leader.  Authentic Leadership comes not from words.  Authentic leadership comes from people watching you and learning from exemplary choices that you make.  Trust, which is the foundation of leadership, is a result of first being trustworthy.  Secondly, self-trust results […]

Facilitator for Organizational Change and Transformation

We are very pleased to have Hal Adler as our facilitator for session two. Hal started Leadership Landing™ in 2009. By drawing from his management experience in Fortune 500 companies, start-up consulting firms, and most recently as President of Great Place to Work® Institute, he set out to build a place where leaders could come for executive […]