Three Kinds of Empathy in Leadership

Empathy is central to leadership abilities. Watch the YouTube video below about the three different kinds of empathy, discussed by Daniel Goleman. Based on your observations, what are the critical behaviors that an empathetic leader demonstrates? How can we stay centered and empathetic when dealing with our negative emotions or those of our employees? Video link: Three Kinds of […]

Mr. Rogers and Authenticity

In Session One, we discussed authenticity and emotional intelligence. Authentic leaders can have great influence over others. We played a video in the classroom in which Mr. Rogers demonstrates the power of authenticity and emotional intelligence. It only took Mr. Rogers six minutes to convince the impatient Senator that it was well worth it to […]

Facilitator for Authentic Leadership

David Irvine is a connector and a communicator – his message touches hearts and changes lives. As well as his work with leaders in a wide range of private and public sector organizations, David has facilitated numerous workshops to teachers, parents, trustees, principals, and secondary school students. David is an international expert on the human […]